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I know how stressful and overwhelming it can be trying to run a business and keep up with the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing & social media, so I'm here to take some of the burden off your hands.

I have a range of services to help optimise your digital presence, showcase your brand, attract your dream clientele, and help meet your goals. 

I know every business is unique, so I can create special and targeted packages to suit your current needs.

Get in touch today and we'll get started. I can't wait to work with you!

Jade ☾

New Business: Social Media Setup

This service is for you if you’re just starting a business and are feeling a bit overwhelmed when it comes to joining social media. I’ll create the accounts for you and make sure they are optimised to reach the right people, and your branding is implemented consistently across all platforms for easy recognition. 

It’ll be all ready to go for you to start posting and building an audience.


For most new businesses I’d recommend choosing Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business as the main platforms to start with and focus on, but of course it depends on the business and your goals.

  • Full setup and branding implementation for up to 3 social media an/or marketing channels, eg. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc.

  • This includes setup of accounts, adding branding and implementing design kit (colour pallet, fonts, logos, and visual look), bio optimisation with searchable keywords, connecting links, and other platform specific things.


Content & Branding Photography Services

I can't stress enough how important it is to always share high quality and consistent content and imagery when representing your business & brand. 

This service is perfect if you need photos for social media content and/or advertising, maybe your updating your website or setting up an online shop and need some product photos. 

Send me a message today and we'll have a chat about your photography needs.

Starting at $350

Three Month Social Media Management Package

Over three months I’ll trial & experiment with different features and strategies to determine what works best for your business, ultimately creating a beautiful and consistent online presence that represents your values & brand personality. I’ll establish a clear social media marketing strategy built around providing value, sharing high quality content, nurturing follower/customer relationships, engagement leading to business, and organic, sustainable growth.


  • 1 hour 1:1 Zoom to go over your accounts & business (monthly)

  • 3x Content Creation Shoots (each includes 1 months worth of visual content)

  • 3x month Content Calendar (Copywriting, Scheduling & Posting, created monthly) 

  • IG Bio Remodel

  • Summary of analytics & metrics at end of every month

$200 per week x 12 weeks

($2400 total)

One Hour Social Media Coaching Call

One hour 1:1 zoom call where we go over your social media accounts together and have a chat about you and your business. I’ll audit your pages and give you feedback. 

This will help you to gain clarity and confidence on social media, and get you inspired and pointed in the right direction. 

On the call:

  • We’ll establish your core values & goals

  • Identify your niche & USP (unique selling point)

  • Narrow down your target audience

  • Remodel your IG bio

  • Audit your social media accounts (FB & IG)

  • You'll receive resources & practical daily steps specific to you

  • I’ll answer any social media questions you have

  • You’ll get a summary of the call emailed to you

Now only $199

Website Design

Let me work with you to create a beautiful, eye-catching, unique website that showcases your brand personality, attracts your target clientele, generates leads, and most importantly helps to meet your business goals. Get in touch today and we'll book a time to have a chat.


  • 90 minute call or in-person meeting so we can get to know each other and determine your brand voice, values, and goals.

  • Branded Website Design (Wix or Shopify)

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make sure your site is reaching the right people

  • Support with setting up and connecting payment portals, domain names, redirects, booking links, and more.

Starting at $800

Refresh your socials package

(one month)

Refresh your socials with new, high quality, and targeted content. With consistency I’ll reset the algorithm, provide value to your followers, and give your pages a boost of organic activity. I’ll experiment with different features across FB & IG to determine what works best for your brand.



  • 1 hour 1:1 Zoom to go over your accounts & business

  • 1x Content Creation Shoot (1 month worth of visual content)

  • 1 month Content Calendar (Copywriting, Scheduling & Posting) 

  • IG Bio Remodel

  • Summary of analytics & metrics at end of month

$250 per week x 4 weeks

($1000 total)

Monthly Newsletter Design & Publishing

Newsletters are a super powerful way to contact your audience directly. Building a subscriber list and sharing newsletters regularly can help build your audience, gain customer trust, showcase your businesses personality, and promote your services.

Book a time to meet with me so we can discuss email marketing further.

Staring at $120 / month

Full Business Content Creation Session

​This option is for a business that’s ready to liven up their social media game and be more consistent, and wants support during the entire process. 

We’ll get together for an hour over a cuppa and create a one month content calendar (this is a posting plan for your social media). We’ll come up with the content ideas and the imagery to match. After that we’ll book a date for the content creation, and spend 2 hours creating content to fit into the calendar.

That will leave you with lots of content and a well-thought-out and scheduled plan for sharing it across your social media platforms. 


  • 2 hours of content creation for social media and online marketing

  • Includes the support in creating a one month content calendar (one hour)

  • One months worth of photo and video content (unlimited photos from the session)


Client Testimonials

Small Business Photography.jpg

Aroha Ra Rongoa

"Jade has been managing my social media for 5 months now and it's amazing, I’ve seen growth in sales and product exposure and I'm able to spend more time doing the things I love, instead of on a computer or phone. Also added bonus of being an amazing photographer, she keeps me on my toes, asking if there's anything new happening, or things to share… so when she shares ideas I have to action them 😁 which sometimes I hold back on as being creative I tend to flow depending on how I feel 🥰"

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