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Photography, content creation, social media management, and branding support for small businesses

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Featured Services

☾ Product & Branding Photography

☾ Social Media Management including:

  • Creating, scheduling and posting content

  • Copywriting, research and engagement

  • Custom Canva graphic designs, story posts, reels, and account improvements

☾ WIX Website Design

& Basic SEO

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A few of my Small Business Clients


Crafty Chook Candles

website design & product photography

Black Shed Pottery

branding photography

Aroha Ra Rongoa 

social media management

branding photography

Happea Events

Miss Maia Design

branding photography

branding photography

Stronger with Sophie

Sweet Ali's

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Portrait Photography

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How it works

Book a branding session. 

Send me a message and we'll book a time to have a free 20 minute discovery call.

We'll chat over a cuppa coffee about you and your business.

This helps me get to know what your plans and goals are, what stage of the business your at, and what marketing approach would be best.

I create a plan & give advice for your digital marketing.

Depending on which package you chose, or which level of support we think you need, I take everything we discussed in the branding session and come up with a digital marketing plan with tailored advice.

This could include a content posting schedule, Canva templates, Instagram improvements or lots of other things.

I tell you what I think you should focus on based on where your business is at.

The next level would be that I take over all the marketing stuff for you. This would include website design, social media management, content creation, basic brand design, and more.

This is very much tailored to your specific business and what's needed.

Implement the branding and advice.

Next, either I implement a branding strategy to your marketing, such as social media management, Facebook Advertising, or a website design, or you do it yourself based on the plan I created.

This is an ongoing process of course, as business is a constantly evolving landscape and so is the digital world.

It's important to keep track of what's working and what isn't, and make changes to your strategy accordingly.